This loyal vac from LG follows you around

This loyal vac from LG follows you around

Part vacuum, part loyal robot companion, the LG CordZero Canister Vacuum follows you as you move throughout your home and even turns where you turn, letting you get the most reach possible from the hose without having to deal with hauling around the engine. Introduced in Korea back in 2014, the CordZero is on display here at CES 2017 in Las Vegas (it was on display at last year’s CES too), and now it’s ready to be sold in the US this summer.

Motorized wheels and the vac’s RoboSense technology allow it to move on its own. It supposedly watches you as you work, as creepy as that sounds, so that it can maintain a constant distance behind you.


Other listed CordZero features include:

  • A 72V lithium ion battery with 40 minutes of run time on normal setting
  • An 80V PowerPack motor
  • 200 watts of suction power

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